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According to its articles of association, the aim of the organisation Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF is to “create and develop a railway museum in Mulhouse, to take responsibility for its management, to pursue any legal activity pertaining to it, and more generally, to carry out any movable or real property transactions directly or indirectly linked to the above-mentioned object”.

The organisation is composed of 450 active or donor members who have been supporting it since the beginning of the French railway museum.

As a member, you benefit from free access to the museum during the entire year, and you receive the newsletter each month.

In 2019, the annual subscription is fixed to:


  • ACTIVE member:             €25,00

  • DONOR member:            €61,00

  • HONORARY member:      €610,00

Donations to the Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF

The Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF presents the collection of the SNCF heritage, which is entrusted by the company through a long-term deposit agreement. However, other moving machines and hundreds of railway objects are being given to the organisation by railway companies or private persons.


The Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF thus receives many donations throughout the year, for example complete personal collections of railway magazines, small locomotive models, historical documents, various objects or even real locomotives or wagons.

If you wish to give up railway objects but do not wish for them to be lost for ever, you can make a donation to the organisation. You can simply contact the managing director of the Cité du Train - Patrimoine SNCF directly via email or phone.
Telephone: +33 (0) 3 89 42 83 33

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