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Games-Arts-Industry-Mulhouse,JAIM is a popular and unique festival in France bringing together the actors of the territory of South Alsace. For its 1st edition on June 24, 25, 26, 2022, the program is ambitious. The activities are multidisciplinary and multifaceted!

Alstom, Alcatel, BNP, Schlumberger... so many prestigious names of large French companies that have their roots in Mulhouse. Did you know ? Aware of this prodigious heritage which is the wealth and strength of our economy, both in Alsace and in France, JAIM aims to highlight industry thanks to this formidable industrial DNA of southern Alsace. How ?By creating the 1st festival that celebrates the potential of the industry and the bold ambitions of today and tomorrow.



With the ambition of bringing together companies, the world of education, cultural institutions, sports and leisure associations as well as the many artists in the territory in a festive way,JAIM is a festival combining history, heritage, arts, innovation, games and emotions.

JAIM imagined and designedextraordinary events, to make you vibrate, to highlight the incredible industrial adventure and to make discover with all and all the attractiveness of the sector bycreative and surprising experiences.

Due to its history and its location on the territory of the Mulhouse conurbation, the Cité du Train could only join this initiative!For the occasion, the museum will host a day of animations and events around robotics on Saturday June 25: JAIM robots.




When budding roboticists meet a couple of artists and arrange to meet in the largest railway museum in Europe - the Cité du Train in Mulhouse - it givesan amazing interactive and didactic work of art.


For several months now,twenty children fromKID’s Lab, accompanied by his manager (Éric Hueber)And
of two artists fromMotoco
(Iva SinticAndSimon Burkhalter)are working to revive one of the most emblematic electric locomotives of the early 20th century: the 2D2 5516.


Using a mobile robot, piloted on a circuit similar to a roller coaster and equipped with 360° cameras,you will have the opportunity to explore the belly of this incredible machine using a virtual reality system. During this trip, your sense of observation and deduction will be put to the test in order tofind the artifacts or signalsallowing you to move forward on the course.



From the Cité du Train or online on the JAIM Festival website, enter the arena ofMakerfight, take control of a sumo robot and knock your opponent down!

Organized by theTechnistub,Makerfightfinds its inspiration in robot fights like very old versions of la French robotics cup  or tournaments such as Battlebots.The principle is based on a simple idea: having fun with robots.


In this new version of the Makerfight, you will be offered two combat modes:  

  • battle arena: it's the rule of every man for himself which applies with two modes of difficulty (1 or 3 lives)

  • Mad Loco: a museum locomotive has gone "crazy" and is trying to escape from the museum! Your mission ? Cooperate with other players and intercept it before it "destroys" your robots.





Combined ticket Cité du Train + Thur Doller Alsace train

Free visit of the museum (free date until 30/09/21, does not give access to guided and / or theatrical visits)

+ 1 return trip on the tourist train

  • Adult (from 18 years old): € 19.50

  • Child (4 to 17 years old): € 16


  • Purchase of combined tickets only online.

  • Combined tickets do not give access to guided and / or theatrical tours of the museum

See the prices of the Cité du Train

See the prices of the Thur Doller Alsace Train


Cité du Train - SNCF heritage

2 rue Alfred de Glehn, 68200 Mulhouse

  • from the A35 and A36, exit 17, "Mulhouse Dornach"

  • from Mulhouse station, tram line 3 or tram-train, “Museums” stop


Thur Doller Alsace train

  • Cernay St-André station

Route d'Aspach (D34), 68700 Cernay

The station is located opposite the Thur garden centers and the Saint André specialized institute.

  • Sentheim station

Rue de la gare, 68780 Sentheim

On the main road, turn at the sign "Train Touristique" (1st street on the left at the entrance to the village from Burnhaupt).


No shuttle is set up between the two sites. Travelers must get from one site to another on their own.

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