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The Cité du Train, SNCF heritage museum, invites you to relive the great adventure of the railways in France, from its origins in 1827 to the present day.


Rejuvenated, renovated and extended in 2005, the Cité du Train has, since 1971, presented the largest collection of historic railway material in continental Europe. More than a hundred locomotives, cars and wagons, as well as numerous pieces relating to the world of guards and the railway line thus illustrate the epic of the railroad in France.


It is indeed a whole part of our common history that the museum brings to life. That of the industrial revolution, of economic development, but also of memories for each of us, and for all generations.

It is at the heart of this exceptional museum that we welcome your private and professional, festive or studious events on a daily basis, in very confidential circles or in large assemblies.

Parcours Spectacl



In a unique atmosphere, deliberately accentuated by relative darkness, the Parcours Spectacle is an invitation to travel into the golden age of railways.

A space that brings together the most beautiful pieces in the collection, from the splendor of the Orient-Express cars to the most impressive locomotives , and which make it the perfect place for an unforgettable event.


The Parcours Spectacle adapts to all types of events such as dinners, shows, cocktails, receptions at the end of seminars, photo sessions or even product presentations such as the launch of new vehicles.

In maximum configuration, this room can accommodate a stage or a dance floor . The excellent acoustics of the place also make it possible to host classical concerts.


Practical information

6000 m²

800 people

500 people

300 people

Quai de Cluny




Practical information

Located in the heart of the museum, this outdoor space brings a touch of originality to your events.


Two tracks flanking the "marquise" of Cluny station accommodate static railway equipment or for arriving by locomotive or railcar for your guests.


A small station from the beginning of the 20th century recreates the atmosphere of a bygone era that a Lartigue mechanical signal, an imposing station crane, various railway objects and the signal station of Paris Invalides further emphasize.


In summer, this bright and authentic dock will allow you to welcome your guests during your secular ceremony or for a cocktail and thus preserve all the magic of your dining place.


3000 m²

300 people

Salon Michel Doerr




Practical information

This room, with an area of ​​150 m² and equipped with a platform, can be arranged in the form of a theater with a capacity of 180 seats.


Completely renovated in 2018 , it is equipped with a giant screen, a high resolution projector, a sound system and WiFi.


General meetings, congresses, representations, conferences, the Michel Doerr salon can be dressed and decorated with your identity. Employees, clients and partners invited to an event in this room with industrial accents and warm colors will remember it.



150 m²

180 people

Salle Expo




Practical information

130 m2

Ideally located in the heart of the Quays of History, this room offers you a direct view of emblematic pieces from the collection such as the TGV Sud Est cabin, the Capitole locomotive or one of the last steam locomotives, the mythical 241 P 16.


It is possible to organize meals there - breakfasts, lunches or brunches - photo exhibitions or even work meetings, the room being equipped with a screen, a video projector and a sound system.

To take (and put) in the eyes of your guests, do not hesitate to accompany your event with a guided tour of the collections in French, German or English.

120 people

120 people

130 people

Les trains à privatiser



Offer your guests an immersion in the heart of the 70s and a station platform where two prestigious trains are ready for departure.


On one side of the quay: Aquitaine. A Trans Europ Express connecting Paris to Bordeaux towed by the magnificent CC 6572 locomotive, designed by designer Paul Arzens, and composed of a “great comfort” car with a room equipped with a real copper bar where you can be served an aperitif .


On the other side: "L'Étoile du Nord" which linked Paris to Brussels and Amsterdam. The four-current locomotive, built to cross Europe, harmoniously matches the stainless steel decoration with the “Mistral 69” type car where the tables used for catering are set.


All you have to do is sit down in your seat for a lunch or dinner served on an imaginary journey.

Practical information

Up to 46 people

Train Grande Duchesse


A reunion or a family meal on a train? La Cité du Train offers you

to privatize a passenger car known as the "Grand Duchess".

Built in 1894 for the travels of His Highness and of the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg, in particular Princess Marie-Adélaïde, which earned it its name, this car was equipped with a panoramic lounge from 1938.

The "Grand Duchess" can accommodate up to 17 people for meetings

work, small group seminars and meals. It can be equipped

a screen and a video projector.


Practical information

17 people

17 people



In 1979, the SNCF acquired six so-called "special" coaches , intended for company travel and equipped accordingly . The Cité du Train's SAV (Special AudioVisual) was in fact a dining car that the Bischheim workshops have transformed.


She continued her career as a welcome and presentation car for the museum. On this occasion, it was restored by the Technicentre in Périgueux and fitted out by the SAM Electro company in Mulhouse.

Ideal for organizing a meeting, it has many equipment (HD TV, Wifi, HQ sound system, lighting, etc.) which can be controlled via a touchscreen tablet.

Practical information

30 people