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A small electric train on tires and respectful of the environment invites the visitor to a journey in the middle of the big trains.

At regular intervals, it travels through time through the "Quays of History" before reaching the outer zone where it is in correspondence with the
  Mini-Express d'Alsace  and the draisine for the baptism of the rail.


Continuously, every day of the week. See the timetable


232 units 1

The "Steam, how does it work?" features the steam locomotive 232 U 1 which starts up every 30 minutes.


This permanent animation will allow you to understand the operation of the connecting rods of the locomotive which cause the rotation of the driving wheels and thus ... the departure of the train.

Continuously, every day of the week (every 30 minutes)

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141 TC 70


Made identically to the real model, the 1 / 5th scale model of the 141 TC 701 locomotive is a real jewel of technology which operates three times a day to the delight of visitors.

This collector's item, built in 1930, required 80,000 hours of work.

Several times a day.

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To rediscover your childhood dreams, discover an extraordinary railway universe through an animated diorama where many trains run.

Start-up of the model: € 1

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On the Panorama Ferroviaire, near the "Plate tournante" and the "Baptêmes du rail" platform, is the departure station of the "Mini-Express d'Alsace".

Sitting on wagons towed by a miniature electric locomotive, the trip allows you to discover the outside area as well as the equipment presented on the occasion of the temporary exhibitions.


From April to October.

See the timetable



Come and do your first rail journey aboard a draisine to learn how to drive a train on a small route with volunteer leaders and railway professionals.

A driver will be at your side to answer all your questions regarding railway operations. An accompanying certificate is given to each traveler.


Weekends and public holidays, from April to October.  See the timetable

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