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Parallel to its two covered halls, the Cité du Train offers an outdoor area of 16,000 m² with permanent and temporary exhibitions, as well as many recreational railway activities for the entire family.

This space is divided in three sectors: the Cluny platform, the technical sector and the temporary exhibition tracks. You can also admire the modern passing trains such as the TGV, international Intercités, Corail TER Alsace 200, various regional trains, freight trains, the tramway-trains SNCF and the tramways Soléa from the Mulhouse network.

On both sides of the “marquee” from the Cluny train station, you can find railway equipment during temporary exhibitions. A small train station from the beginning of the 20th century recreates the atmosphere of the past, as shown by a mechanical signal Lartigue, a big train station crane, various railway objects and the signal tower of Paris Invalides.

The supervised technical sector offers various railway activities. A track plan, located along the Railway Panorama, is used for temporary exhibitions of equipment from April to October, with the presentation of a few elements stored in the storage building of the Cité du Train.

The exhibited materials:

  • Railcars, SNCF, Z 6181 (1971) and Z 5327 (between 1965 and 1968)

  • MC3 cogwheel motor, Line 3 of the Lyon metro, 1978

  • Diesel-electric locomotive BB 63413, "Plathée", SNCF, 2006

  • Autorail X 2235, SNCF, 1985

  • Electric locomotive BB 25609 delivered "en voyage" - Bicourant, SNCF, 1974

  • Electric locomotive BB 26172 Sybic new livery – Bicourant – SNCF, 1996

  • USI coach 1st and 2nd class, A2t2B2t3 50 87 39-70 016-1, SNCF, 1972

  • UIC sleeping car 1st and 2nd class, A4c4B5c5x 51 87 44-70 141-9, SNCF, 1968

  • Y 7108 AND Y 7199 shunters, SNCF, 1960

  • Unified Draisine with crane type DU 65 n°6 005, SNCF, 1965

  • Motor train TGV 325, SNCF, 1959

  • “Griffet” road crane, SNCF, 1960

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